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“Our Master Spa Trainer 15 swim spa – A MASTERPIECE!”

On our sister Website, ‘’ I shared three short YouTube videos celebrating the jets of our Swim Spa –

Image of YouTube videos on – Our Master Spa Trainer 15 swim spa – A MASTERPIECE!
Master Spas Corporation YouTube Videos

‘Building the Best Hot Tub’ video

It is fascinating to get a glimpse inside the factory of Master Spas in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“Operating out of a state-of-the-art, 33-acre campus” Master Spas is “the largest swim spa manufacturer in the world, and largest portable spa and hot tub manufacturer that makes 100% of our product in the USA. “

Master Spas’s “management team has over 150 years of spa manufacturing success, and one of the strongest track records in the industry.”
Energy Cost of a Hot Tub or Swim Spa

Consider the energy cost of…

…of a Hot Tub or Swim Spa.

Since we purchased our Master Spa Trainer 15 a few months ago I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how little the energy bill has been. It appears to be $50 to $75 a month which seems reasonable – we keep it set at 98 degrees. Your energy may vary greatly, however, based on weather and cost of electricity where you live, the temperature you set it at, how much it is used and/or left open, etc.

Source: Master Spa blog

Master Spa’s blog posted, “Shopping Checklist to Buy an Energy Efficient Hot Tub” which includes a Hot Tub Buyers Checklist: Energy Efficiency.

Comparisons of Master Spa Models H2X Challenger H2X Trainer Master Spa Models Michael Phelps Challenger

Comparison of Master Spa Swim Spas

The Master Spa blog posted “Facebook Live Recap: Swim Spa Comparison” in which they described one Michael Phelps series swim spa, Momentum Deep and two H2X series swim spas, Trainer 15D and Challenger 15D.

Photo Source: Master Spa’s blog

The article said that the Trainer 15D is the most popular model. That makes me happy since we have a Trainer 15 (not the ‘D’ which stands for ‘deep’ though). The regular is 51 inches tall compared to the deep model is 60 inches tall.

I can see that the deeper version would be great for serious swimmers. My wife and I, however, love and prefer the depth of the regular Trainer for two reasons.

For starters, neither of us are very tall. The shallower spa makes it easy for us to get around in the spa. Also, I can easily walk around the swim spa and reach in for cleaning and maintenance purposes. If we had the ‘D’ version I’m afraid that it would be more difficult and would require a step stool. The solution, however, is adding steps or deck area around the spa.

Secondly, we aren’t serious swimmers – we tend to use the rowers, the ‘weights’, the belt for walking (and swimming) and flippers to increase resistance in kicking while sitting – so the extra depth isn’t that important to us. I CAN see how the deeper version would be advantageous to more serious swimmers AND to taller people.

Be sure to read about the Momentum Deep and the Challenger, too. They each have some amazing features! Master Spa truly has a spa for everyone!

We couldn’t love our Master Spa Trainer 15 anymore than we do!

Health Benefits of a Swim Spa Swim Spa Exercise

“7 Exercises to Add into Your Water Exercise Routine” Master Spas’ blog

“When we think about a water exercise routine, there are two things that often come to mind: water aerobics classes at a nearby fitness facility and swimming.”

“But you can take advantage of the low-impact environment of water and perform your favorite land-based exercises. Think walking, jogging, squats, jumping jacks, and bicep curls.”

“Unlike working out on the land, though, anyone can benefit from water exercise — no matter their fitness level.”

Exercising in the water can help prevent injury, improve fitness, and benefit mobility and flexibility.”

– Master Spas blog entry – ‘7 Exercises to Add into Your Water Exercise Routine’

Check out ‘7 Exercises to Add into Your Water Exercise Routine’ for great exercise routine ideas!

Health Benefits of a Swim Spa Uncategorized

“Swim Spa Health Benefits” Master Spas blog

Health benefits of a swim spa

“Feel rejuvenated with an exercise routine that feels good — physically and mentally…

“Working out in the water is not just about swimming. In an H2X Fitness Swim Spa by Master Spas, you can walk, jog, row, or even dance your way to wellness in the relaxing water.”

“Aquatic exercise offers a low-impact alternative to land-based exercise. It has been proven to reduce fatigue and pressure on joints, reduce blood pressure, and relieve stress.”

Source: Master Spas – ‘Challenger H2X Swim Spa’


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