Taking care of your Swim Spa Cover

The basics of the Master Spa Cover warranty (see the actual warranty for specifics and limitations):

  • The warranty for the vinyl skin is two years.
  • The warranty for the foam inserts is one year.

Cover Care & Suggestions:

  • Clean the top of the cover with mild soap and water twice a month
  • Clean the underside of the cover once a month to remove any chemical residue
  • Inspect seams for rips, etc. in the vinyl to prevent moisture from getting inside
  • Keep the foam inserts dry
  • Remove foam inserts and flip them every six months
  • Be sure locks are unlocked before picking the cover up
  • Don’t pick up the cover via the handles alone – use both the handles and by putting your hand under the cover
  • Don’t scrape or drag the cover across sharp objects or abrasive areas
  • Regularly remove sticks, branches, etc. from the top of the cover
  • Don’t place objects (exercise equipment, floats, toys, etc.) on top of the cover
  • Don’t let anyone or animals sit, stand or walk on the cover
  • Remove cover before adding chemicals and leave it off for 1530 minutes after adding chemicals